What’s REALLY Real???


“All reality exists in the mind. The outer phenomenon, that which appears, is only its outer expression. The visible universe is the reflection of the invisible,” says Plato.

“Unless a thing is apparent to the five bodily senses it has no existence,” says the materialist.

Let us examine these two divergent viewpoints and endeavor to ascertain which is in possession of the truth.

What is it which has discovered the laws of all solid, measurable things of earth and sky? It is the mind. Upon what do they rest ultimately? Upon an idea. They are thought realized. But what is an idea? It is that which the mind sees. But can the mind see that which is not? No more than can the eye. These things which the eye sees—the atom, flower, tree, plant, house, etc.—on this side are objects; on the other or reverse side they are thought. Which is the reality, the invisible idea or its external form?

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It’s All In The Mind….



No study is more fascinating or of greater benefit than the subject mind. It has engaged the most powerful intellects of all ages, from the days of Aristotle down to the present. However, during the last two thousand years, that is with the exception of the last one hundred years, not much progress has been made in this department of science. Anatomists and physicians have studied the brain and ignored the mind, while psychologists have studied the mind and ignored the brain. The human mind cannot, by itself, become an object of investigation; it needs the medium of an organic apparatus.

It is mind which distinguishes man from the animals and man from man. While there is not much difference between one cow or one cat from another, the difference between one man and another is vast. In man the scale extends from the lowest point of idiocy to the highest endowment of genius. On the one side you have a Newton who can solve the most abstruse of problems, and on the other a man who can scarcely grope his way through ordinary life.

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[paragraph continues] The world has always recognized and paid tribute to greatness of intellect. A man is measured by what he is, and not by what he has.

“What is the difference between the brain and the mind?” It is astonishing how many people believe the brain and mind to be synonymous and use the terms interchangeably. While the relationship between the brain and mind is intimate, there is not the slightest similarity either in appearance or function. Their composition and activities differ as widely as the radio from the ether waves. The brain is a human radio, a receiving station or instrument. The mind is analogous to the ethereal atmosphere surrounding it.

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What Is Truth???


There never has been a time when the desire to know the truth was so prevalent and strong. There never has been a time when there were so many intelligent men and women who were not content with surface knowledge, with the appearance of things or doctrines based on personal authority. They seek to penetrate into the hidden causes of things. In this advancement many mistakes will be made, much will be discarded, but it will only be the chaff which has served its purpose.

What is truth? Truth is an emanation of the Deity. Truth is the accurate verity and reality. It is the understanding by the mind of that which actually is. It is the unchangeable amid the changeable, the substance behind the shadow, the permanent within the transient form. Truth is a constant, not a variant. It cannot be added to or diminished from its sum total.

How can we know the truth? Truth has clearly defined characteristics by which it can be recognized. Among these attributes are its immutability and infallibility, which we see demonstrated in the natural and spiritual laws; for example, in chemistry, mathematics,

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physics, astronomy and music. These are exact sciences because their underlying laws of truth have been discovered. They are truths to all people everywhere. Truth operates just as undeviatingly and unerringly in other departments of life, only its laws are not so well known.

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